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  • - Andrew White
    This place is great! Got the part I needed the very next day for a reasonable price. He called promptly when the part arrived and was very friendly, professional, and courteous. Highly recommended for all your parts needs.
    - Andrew White
  • - Donna Rivera
    These folks are AWESOME!! I went in to buy a dryer belt. I thought I needed a new one but they told me nothing was wrong with the one that I had. I thought it was stretched out. He could have sold me the belt and took my money, but instead they told me how to fix my dryer and put the belt back on that I didn't need a new belt. Good Honest Folks. Thank You Appliance Parts Today!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Donna Rivera
  • -Nick Sabattini
    Great group of people. plenty of knowledge, the woman i talked to pulled the part quickly, it worked perfectly. saved me from having to buy an all new fridge!!! she was willing to do whatever was needed to make things convenient for me. i called right before close and she offered to take my card payment over the phone and with my permission leave my part somewhere safe for me to pick up after hours! luckily i live 3 minutes away so that wasn't needed. but their willingness to make it happen no matter what, ill be back for everything i need. for a DIY kinda guy like me, A++++++
    -Nick Sabattini